A full service general contractor, SPACiO designs with superior creativity and builds in meticulous fashion.

The result is, without fail, spaces that become benchmarks of inspiration.

And our professional expertise is transcended only by our level of professionalism.

We ceaselessly get the job done – with integrity, collaboration, and respect.

Spacio Design Logo

Whether taking on a multi-million dollar comprehensive design/build project, or simply enlisted to consult for a client, our approach is the same. We listen, we collaborate, and expertly coordinate. And we do so on time and on budget.

We encourage you to talk to any client with whom SPACiO has partnered – a roster that includes a range of world-class brands. You’ll find that they echo these very sentiments. We eliminate frustration, and execute with nothing short of excellence.

For projects where only flawlessness is acceptable, SPACiO has been the most trusted resource a client can have. In addition to our design build expertise and creativity, we are logistics gurus. We proficiently analyze project parameters during project development, delivering efficiencies that enhance speed and reduce cost.

“In a word, “Reliable!” Any opportunity that I can have them come in and help us, I jump right at it. I’m very happy with the service from them.”


For our daunting 224 room and corridor renovation project here at Marriott South Beach, we knew efficiency was critical, and adhering to budget was a mandate. Under severely tight time restrictions, SPACiO not only rose to the challenge, they surpassed every expectation. They complete this immense task ahead of schedule and under budget – and their quality of work was indeed superior.

The SPACiO team delivered as advertised – their adept handing of all pre-construction needs was impressive. They professionally coordinated the array of entities involved in this major project in a manner that impacted the hotel operations as minimally as possible. This invaluable service, along with their stellar work, simply reinforced the reputation they’ve built in this industry.