USO Tour with Scarlett Johansson and Ray Allen


USO Tour with Scarlett Johansson and Ray AllenEvery year, the USO (United Service Organizations) follows its tradition of supporting the US troops stationed abroad by arranging a holiday tour with some of America’s most talented celebrities [think Marilyn Monroe 1954.]

This year, the USO Holiday Tour teamed up with Scarlett Johansson, Ray Allen, Chris Evans, and our very own SPACiO president Alex Wertheim. We sat down with Alex to talk about what it meant to him to see what the Military really does day to day in bases around the world, including Ireland, Turkey, Qatar, Afghanistan, and Germany.

“We as Americans have no idea of what these Troops do on a day in and day out basis,” Alex said. “They are true heroes and we don’t give them enough credit and respect for them putting their lives on the line each day to help keep our country the safest in the world.”

The experience has made Alex prouder to be an American and changed his outlook on life.

“We take it for granted that we are over here and don’t have a worry in the world, while the Soldiers are fighting for us each day risking their lives. Spending time with them taught me to live life to the fullest because life isn’t guaranteed and, often, it comes at a great cost to those protecting our nation.”